New Delhi High Court has designated human rights courts in each district in the National Capital Region. This comes as a welcome surprise to many law practitioners who regularly advocate for human rights.

In a notification issued on 24th November 2020, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi announced that one Additional Sessions Court in the region will be now specifically dealing with cases of human rights and human rights violations. India has consistently come under fire from international and national institutions that protect and preserve human rights in the country about the country’s handling of its minorities, students and journalists over the last few years and these courts may help mitigate some of these concerns.

As of January 2021, it is unclear as to how these courts will function, which cases can be tried and who can be prosecuted at these courts.

By Aishani Jaiswal

Aishani Jaiswal is a New Delhi based researcher and currently serves as one of the Editors for Peace for Asia. Having recently graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in Political Science, her areas of interest lie in security issues in South Asia and political ethnography of underdeveloped countries.

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