On February 1, 2021, the vehicle of Khushnood Nabizada was targeted with IED explosive devices. Reports have so far declared that there have been no casualties as of now. The use of IED explosives have become extremely common by terror outfits such as the Taliban to not only remove people who are in positions of power but anyone who chooses to wrong them. However, no one has taken the responsibility for the attack yet. Khushnood Nabizada serves as the head of the office of the State Ministry for Peace Affairs in Kabul which puts him in a position of power and perhaps even a threat to these terror outfits.

Peace for Asia condemns this attack and calls for active investigation into it.

By Aishani Jaiswal

Aishani Jaiswal is a New Delhi based researcher and currently serves as one of the Editors for Peace for Asia. Having recently graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in Political Science, her areas of interest lie in security issues in South Asia and political ethnography of underdeveloped countries.

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