We are all Hazaras.


Resistant and strong, that if we fall to the ground a thousand times, we will sprout and blossom a thousand more times, rebuild thousands of schools, cross steep roads, and light our mud-built classrooms.
We will become thousands of teachers, doctors, engineers, and thousands of flowers of hope in their hearts.
We are all Hazaras , and our eyes, the size of great Afghanistan, worry about a country ruled by extremism that has deprived people of life and learning.
From afar I Grab the hands of all of my hard-working compatriots of the Hazara community from far away and express my grief to them, and I pray to God for these supporters of knowledge to shine thousands of times.
I am sure that many people of our other ethnic groups, including Tajiks, Uzbeks, Pashtuns, etcetera are with us in this journey. And the enemies of our homeland will never achieve their evil and menacing goals by dividing us and using the enemies of knowledge and traitors against us because the light of wisdom and knowledge will triumph over ignorance sooner or later.

By Dr. Rita Anwari

Dr. Anwari is the Founding Director of Women Empowerment and Leadership in Australia. An experienced activist, Dr Anwari has long campaigned for social justice, equality and inclusive growth in Afghanistan.

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