On November 2, 2020, Kabul University was brutally attacked by three gunmen resulting in the deaths of at least 22 people and dozens injured. The assault was conducted in broad daylight lasting over 6 hours adding to the already grim situation in Afghanistan despite the government holding peace talks with Taliban.

The attack was claimed by the ISIL (ISIS) group which has systematically targetted students and other vulnerable groups to make a splash about their motives.

A statement made by a vast international community of scholars and academicians expresses their condemnation for the attack and concern for the students and faculty members of Kabul University. The statement calls for protection of all those currently associated with the university and demand investigation into the attack and all connected sources to it.

Right to education and physical safety of students and their educators is impertinent to the overall development of the state. Education and those wishing to seek it must not be targetted by any person or group for personal and political gains.

Peace for Asia stands in solidarity with the families of the students and faculty members affected by this attack and demand justice to be served to those affected and call on state and international bodies to ensure the safety of those in Kabul University.


To read more about the statement and its list of signatories please click here.

By Aishani Jaiswal

Aishani Jaiswal is a New Delhi based researcher and currently serves as one of the Editors for Peace for Asia. Having recently graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in Political Science, her areas of interest lie in security issues in South Asia and political ethnography of underdeveloped countries.

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